Monday, November 28, 2005

Malavalli is a town in the southern state of Karnataka, India. A historic town 24 Kms from Mandya which was partially destroyed by Tipu himself to prevent its being of use to the British, Malavalli is now an important centre for sericulture - a growing industry in this part of the State. Malavalli also has a flourishing leather unit. Malavalli is located at latitude 12.3833333 and longitude 77.0833333

Key historical events that happened in and around Malavalli:

- 11th century Common Era : Lakshminarasimhaswamy Temple came into existence at Marehalli. Pictures of the Lakshminarasimhaswamy devasthanam:

- March 1799 Common Era : Tippu Sultan was forced to take back his troops from Malavalli when Mysore state was attacked by the British army.

Local information about Malavalli:

Malavalli had two water bodies in the past that used to serve the people living in and around Malavalli. The first one was called Kuneer lake ("Kudiyu neer" which means drinking water) and was used exclusively as a source of drinking water. The kuneer tank is no longer in existance and has been filled to give way to the Malavalli bus stand. The second lake is called dodda kere and is still in existance. It was meant to be a source of water used for other purposes like washing, cleaning e.t.c. However, recently there have been some encroachments around the beautiful lake that is threatening the ecological balance and beauty of the lake in malavalli.

Emminent personalities who hail from Malavalli:

-Kumarswamy Malavalli (Also known as Kumar Malavalli) Co-founder Brocade Communications
-Radhakrishna M.A Founder and CEO Marvel Technologies
-Deepa Malavalli Classical Singer